Dave Kalin For Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections

I am a hard working American who will work tirelessly to protect our election process and safeguard the rights of every voter to have their voice heard.

It will take strong leadership, hard work and transparent elections to bring back our disheartened citizens who no longer believe their vote counts.

Vision, Issues & Solutions

I will actively promote security and transparency in Charlotte County’s elections.  I will also promote legislative change giving our Secretary of State and county Supervisors of Elections access to election machine source codes in order to verify the accuracy of vote totals. Additionally, I will focus on enhancing ballot security which will bring back disheartened voters. I will provide 100% transparency with all election processes.  For example, all cast ballots will be posted online so everyone can count the vote totals for themselves.

The Public Servant Charlotte County Needs Right Now

Platform Points


  • Election Integrity
  • Full Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Accuracy

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