Dave Kalin

For Charlotte County Commissioner

Life long conservative who believes and advocates for what our founding fathers created, a constitutional republic that protects the individual rights and freedom of every citizen

Vision, Issues, & Values

  • To create a government that protects individual and property owners’ rights while reducing the footprint and cost of government by limiting government power and eliminating governmnet overreach and waste
  • Promote citizens’ oversight of government and transparency of all government activities and transactions
  • ┬áPromote business growth where infrastructure supports it
  • Comprenhesive review and re evaluation of our county’s unfettered residential growth
  • Work with other counties and citizens to keep our water and natural areas protected and clean for generations to come

The Public Servant our County Needs Right Now

Platform Points

  • Personal rights
  • Property owners’ rights
  • Transparency and citizen oversight
  • Keep taxes low and affordable by eliminating waste
  • Promote business
  • Stop runaway housing sprawl
  • Change policies to make housing more affordable
  • Protect our water and resources

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