The Constitution

I will follow and defend both the U.S. Constitution and the Florida State Constitution and all the safeguards included to protect the people.

Individual rights

I believe we are all endowed with the rights given by our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. At the local level our elected officials are tasked with defending these rights when they took their oath of office.  I will make it my goal to ensure the rights of all Charlotte County residents will be protected.

Free Enterprise

I will work to keep government out of the way and encourage free enterprise.


Our elected officials must work hard to protect our water and our land from out-of-control development and companies like Mosaic to ensure generations to come will have clean water and preserved wilderness areas.  As a community, we must come together to ensure our waterways, lands and wilderness areas are protected. I will promote a citizens watch group that will work directly with state agencies to ensure all concerns are addressed and acted upon.


Economic stability is paramount to our community’s long-term survival.  Our elected officials need to allow a free-market enterprise that will help balance the economics of our community.  Our officials have been engaging in real estate speculation by purchasing property and selling to private investors often at a substantial loss.  We need our officials to cease this activity and only purchase land intended for public works projects or public improvement.


As a local farmer I understand the over-regulation by Charlotte County government.  Florida’s Department of Agriculture has enacted numerous laws to protect farmers and our farm lands from the overreach of county officials and staff.  We must be supportive of our farmers and owners of agricultural lands and protect our county’s long heritage of being a agricultural producer.

Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

The wasteful overzealous spending spree is not only irresponsible but detrimental. Fiscal responsibility is imperative and long overdue in Charlotte County. A comprehensive inspection, evaluation of projects, departments and staffing to reduce wasteful spending  and eliminate squandering of taxpayer money is one of my main priorities. One glaring example of such careless spending is the county’s real estate “investments” (land that was purchased without any intention for use by the county). Despite having one of the best sellers’ markets in history, the county real estate investments have failed and lost money, squandering taxpayer’s money is unacceptable.

The operations of the county need to look to innovative technologies to increase productivity and efficiency of county operations.  In addition the current MSBU system, budgets, and funding expenditures should be examined and evaluated. Given the current exponential growth in the county, it may no longer serve its purpose and functions intended when instituted .

The unprecedented growth of our county and the future development of the county must be conducted responsibly in regards to infrastructure. While residential growth has risen to an all-time high, the business growth has not kept pace, which places a higher tax burden on homeowners and property owners. To increase the growth of businesses we should establish incentives, initiatives and programs to promote new businesses to invest in our community as well as support for our existing businesses. This will help ensure employment opportunities, increased revenue and access to goods and services.

Responsible, controlled and conscientious development and the protection of our environment is the key to the future of Charlotte County.  I will work to ensure our water is clean, protect of our natural resources and wildlife, and address the issues and concerns in regards to our environment so that future generations may enjoy the abundant beauty of Charlotte County.

Our government which has ignored and disregarded the voice of the people is now infringing upon our personal freedom and rights. There is an attack on conservative values   We the People need to send a message to the powers working to intimidate us, silence us, and censor us. We must stand up to those who want to oppress, discriminate, or penalize against conservative values.

Government was intended to represent the people; and those elected are supposed to work for the best interest of their constituents. Politicians have forgotten who they work for.  Our country’s foundation was built on the principles of freedom and protection of human rights with law and order to protect and serve its citizens. It is time to remove and replace the status quo with common sense, logic and practical solutions that serve the people instead of corporations, special interests, or selfish intentions that benefit politicians. It is time to get back to the basics of our American heritage and fundamental principles that made this nation so great. Be not afraid of the future, it is within our power to correct and steer the future path ahead of us.

It will take strong leadership and hard work in conjunction with the citizens of the community working together to bring about the much-needed changes that will improve the lives of the residents in Charlotte County. My previous experience as an elected official has provided me the knowledge and the ability to examine, analyze, and scrutinize the variety of departments that maintain and service our community.

I am running for Commissioner because our community needs strong conservative leadership, a representative of the people and advocate for the peoples’ rights. No community should be neglected or abandoned as the Board of County Commissioners did with the Charlotte Ranchettes in March of 2021.

Regardless of your voting district or community in which you reside, I will be a public servant for all residents of Charlotte County and will be accessible to all.


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