Voting Machines

Election Systems & Software (ES&S) does not allow access to source code allowing the Secretary of State or county Supervisors of Elections to inspect or verify security or accuracy. We cannot see the algorithms.  Without this access, NO supervisor of elections can certify that elections results are accurate

State legislative change allowing access to source code to verify the security and accuracy will provide even skeptical voters with assurance their vote is safe and accurate.

Paper Ballots

Our generic paper ballots are open for fraud, duplication, and manipulation.

Adding QR codes to ballots enhances security and transparency.

Mail-in Ballots

Mail-in ballots are ripe for fraud, duplication and manipulation.

Mail-in ballots should be used minimally as many nefarious individuals are looking to change election outcomes by stealing and changing mail-in ballots.


We are often told by our elected officials to just trust them.

I intend to provide 100% transparency to our voters starting with providing all ballot images for public viewing.  As per Florida law all ballot images are anonymous and will remain that way.

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