Meet Dave

Dave Kalin is a lifelong conservative.  He believes in and advocates for what our Founding Fathers created — a constitutional republic that protects the individual rights and freedoms of every citizen.

Dave is a hard-working American who will work tirelessly to safeguard Charlotte County’s election process and protect the rights of everyone to have their vote count.

America’s foundation was built on the principles of freedom, human rights and law and order designed to protect and serve its citizens.  It is time to come together with real solutions and strong protections of our elections system.  It is time to get back to the basics of our American heritage and the fundamental principles that made this nation great.  Be not afraid of the future — it is within our power to correct the course ahead of us.

It will take strong leadership, hard work and transparent elections to bring back the many disheartened voters in Charlotte County.  Dave’s previous experience as an elected official has provided him the knowledge and the ability to examine, analyze and scrutinize the variety of threats facing our elections system.  Dave is running for Supervisor of Elections because our community needs strong leadership and someone who will fight for election integrity.

Dave has lived in Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. Dave had the opportunity to work in many different career fields. He grew up as an IBM kid, learning basic programing, electrical engineering and electrical theory at a very young age.  He started out working for Martin Marietta where he gained extensive knowledge in communications and space navigation systems.  He took a job in the construction industry working on large construction projects and was quickly promoted to a supervisory position, overseeing major projects.  Due to a construction accident Dave chose to go back to the IT Telecom industry in the banking industry.  Dave then opened his own business which served a four-state area and was very successful.

Dave rode the Y2K wave and in 2002 sold to a competitor and set out to open a small farm.  He recently retired from the airline industry and currently serves as a part-time minister and farmer.

Dave entered the political arena in Pennsylvania and was elected as a Township Commissioner.  During his term, one of his greatest achievements involved negotiations with the union to transfer from guaranteed pensions, which were bankrupting the local municipality (and the state) pensions, to a 401k Style pension (the word “style” was later added for clarification after a comment).  This new union contract was a ground breaking landmark initiative within the State of Pennsylvania.  It has been adopted and instituted by several municipalities and counties saving taxpayers millions of dollars in property taxes.

Dave lives in Charlotte County district two. He is semi-retired and happily serves as a part-time minister and farms 110 owned or leased acres in Punta Gorda with his focus as an apiarist (bee keeper).

Results & Accomplishments

Committees and organizations

South Charlotte Storm Water Unit

Cumru Township Commissioner

Cumru Township Planning Commissioner

Cumru Township Economic Development Committee Board Member

Governor Mifflin Community Library Board Member

Southern Berks Ambulance Association Board Member

Governor Mifflin Regional Fire Task Force Board Member and Chairman


  • Cathy Chamberlain

  • Drain The Swamp PAC

  • Mike Lindell

  • Pinellas Watchdogs

  • Republican Liberty Caucus of Charlotte County

  • Right Action Charlotte County

  • Trump Club

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